Hi, my name is Bev Dalton and I live in a large American RV, called Georgie, with my husband Steve. Since his retirement in 2016, we have been discovering how to live in a mobile home whilst travelling around Europe. He drives the big girl, and I follow behind in our Smart car, nibbles.

We use walkie talkies when we need to communicate – for instance, ‘please stop soon, I need the loo’ – and this has proved vastly superior to our original system of me hanging a handkerchief out of the window, and then overtaking him (brown for, ‘stop at the next available place’, and white for, ‘stop now, the lockers have opened and everything is scattered over the road‘).

There are campsite rules to discover, dodgy toilets to navigate, new languages to struggle with and – since his stroke – Steve is apt to mix up left and right. We have got a lot of things wrong, so I’m hoping that other wannabe travellers will find this useful.

I’ve had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over twenty years, which means I’ve never been anywhere much before. I was always rubbish at languages at school, and my sense of geography is embarrassing, so this is truly a great adventure for me. Hopefully I am more of an innocent abroad than an idiot, but the jury’s still out on that one.

I hope you enjoy seeing things through my eyes. Drop me a comment sometime and say Hi.


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  1. Hello Bev and Steve from Sue Ellen’s mum and dad – alias Claire & Nick! We’ve been back home in France for just over a week now and have spent most of it yanking up weeds, planting vegetables and testing various alcoholic combinations… We travelled back through the UK via Dunkerque to Dover then from Poole to Cherbourg without incident except a lucky (depending how you look at it) blip with the MOT. Sue Ellen passed as promised by the lovely Polish mechanic who serviced her before our Dutch tour then, three minutes out of the testing station, some Volvo wielding nobtop tried to pass on a narrow lane (instead of waiting as much as two seconds for Nick to clear the long line of parked cars) thinking (or not) that he could squeeze between Sue Ellen and the pavement. He was wrong and smashed his mirror and scratched his paintwork on the bracket thingy into which the awning used to rest – before the awning fell off last year. The lucky bit is that he only sliced off Sue Ellen’s little orange running light which cost £10 to replace and would have caused a possible MOT failure had it happened on the way to the test. Glass half full – that’s me! So, anyway, we have enjoyed reading your adventures and look forward to the next instalment. I think there’s a TV sitcom just begging for your material! Keep smiling! Love from Claire & Nick & Sue Ellen xxxx

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